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Making you a Smart & Safe driver

Alpha Driver Training

Alpha Driver Training is Saskatoon’s premier driving school offering only the best and most thorough driving instruction. We are an SGI certified and bonded driving school offering the 6 and 6 course, 1 hour personalised road sessions, and car rental for SGI road test. Being a driver means knowing how to safely and efficiently navigate the roads, not only for your own sake but for the sake of everyone in your vehicle. It is our mission to pass this responsibility onto Saskatchewan’s new drivers and create safe and efficient drivers for tomorrow’s generation. Driving is a skill that will stick with you for the rest of your life, which is why our instructors truly stand out from the crowd and are devoted to offering personalised training for every student’s strengths and weaknesses.

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6 and 6 course
  • 6 hours of in class training
  • 6 hours of on road training
  • Free pick up and drop off for road sessions
  • Convenient timing*
  • Official SGI driving certificate upon completion
1 hour Car Lesson
  • Individualized training based on the student’s needs
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Convenient timing*


*Upon the request of the student. Based on available timing. Please enquire as soon as possible to ensure there is a spot for you. We will do our best to accommodate.

*We also offer our students car rental for the SGI road test. Please inquire.

Driving Tips

When driving always remember IPDE. Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute. Always scan the road in front of you, sidewalks on either side, and your rear mirror for potential hazards. This is especially important during highway driving. Staring in front of you too long can cause highway hypnosis and cause drowsiness.

While in the city and especially in the downtown area always be on the look-out for bicyclists and pedestrians and yield to them.

Keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. Following too close to the car in front will increase your chance of rear ending it in case of sudden braking. On the high way, your distance should be even greater.

Always keep both hands on the wheel at the 10 and 2 positions and use hand over hand technique while turning.

Be calm while driving. Use your best judgement to predict potential hazards and be well prepared for braking. Always avoid pressing hard on the brake or the accelerator.

Follow the instructor or examiner’s instructions very carefully. If the examiner says nothing, keep driving forward until you hear an instruction to turn or stop.

When merging onto a freeway, you should be accelerating until your speed matches the posted speed limit. Do not merge with a speed that is too slow as this is a hazard for the incoming cars behind you.

Follow all traffic laws and always drive within the speed limit. Do not worry if you are being passed by everyone or what others are thinking. As long as you are following all posted signs you should be fine.

When approaching a green traffic light, if you see a white walking man signal on the pedestrian crosswalk you should be fine to proceed. If you see the blinking orange hand or a solid orange hand, this means that the light may be turning amber soon. Judge your distance and be prepared to stop. This is especially important for intersections with red light cameras.

When performing a turn, turn on your signal, check your mirrors, shoulder check and merge into the turning lane when safe. When turning, look into the street you’re turning on to make sure it is clear and proceed slowly.

When you see an emergency vehicle stopped at the side of the road with its emergency lights flashing, change lanes if possible and slow down to 60km/h. Pull over to the side of the road if there is an emergency vehicle behind you trying to get through. When doing a left turn at an intersection, and there is an oncoming emergency vehicle, do not turn until it has passed.

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What is the 6 and 6 driving course?

This is our most comprehensive course package which covers all aspects of driving. The 6 and 6 package includes 6 hours of in-class instruction and 6 hours of on-road driving sessions. The instructor will provide individualised advice on the strengths and weaknesses of every student so that they can pass their road test. Upon completion of the 6 and 6 course, the instructor will give the student a certificate of completion card as required by SGI.

I lost my 6 and 6 completion certificate, how do I get a new one?

Contact Alpha Driver Training, the instructor will provide you with a replacement certificate for a small fee.

Do I need to do the 6 and 6 course or just a few 1-hour car lessons?

If you are new to the country, or this is your first time getting a license, it is recommended to take the 6 and 6 driving course to fully understand traffic laws and efficient driving techniques. If you need some professional advice or practice for your road test, then book a few 1 hour car lessons and the instructor will go over anything you need to improve your technique so that you can pass the road test. Also, the 1 hour sessions are helpful if you haven’t driven in a long time and need some refresher sessions to boost your confidence for the road.

How do I register with Alpha driver Training?

Text us at 306-881-9595 with what you wish to register for (6 and 6 course, or any number of 1 hour sessions) along with your name, address and Learner’s License customer number. The instructor will text you back to confirm the date and location of the in-class. In the case of 1 hour sessions, the instructor will call you to confirm a convenient booking time for you if required. Bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.

Do I get free pick up and drop off?

Yes. Alpha Driver Training will provide free pick up and drop off for all 1 hour car lessons. However, the student must arrange their own rides for the 6 hours in class.

Is Alpha Driver Training an official commercial driving school?

Yes, Alpha Driver Training is SGI Certified and Bonded and is able to provide valid and recognised commercial driver training to new drivers.


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